Are you %100 natural, and animal cruelty free?

Yes, and yes!

Where are you based?

Toronto, CA. 

Do you have social pages I could follow? 

Instagram, Facebook and TikTok , @BELLURELLE for all.

What if I get an allergic reaction?

All ingredients are listed, please purchase with caution! However, you are welcome to contact the company for support.

How do I track my shipping?

Check your email (spam folder aswell)! The tracking number will be in there.

My package was broken when received, what do I do?

Contact customer service via email (contact@bellurelle.com) ASAP with pictures including delivery date and we will resolve the issue in 3 business days. we appreciate your cooperation. 

I don't want the product anymore, can I get a refund?

Absolutely no refunds as they are hygienic products that cannot be replaced.

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