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Are you %100 natural, organic, and animal cruelty free?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Where are you based?

Toronto, CA. 

Do you have social pages I could follow?

Instagram and Facebook ONLY, @BELLURELLE for both.

I live close to your office and don’t want to pay for shipping, what can I do?

Pick up and delivery services are available! Contact our customer service via email (contact@bellurelle.com), for inquiries with template:



Method of payment: (e-transfer pay to contact@bellurelle.com)

What if I get an allergic reaction?

All ingredients are listed, please purchase with caution! However, you are welcome to contact the company for support.

My order has been shipped but I’d like to cancel, can I get my money back?

We only accept refund requests if the reasoning is suitable! You will be subject to a $10 restocking fee and will not be refunded for shipping! Please be mindful of this when requesting!

How do I track my shipping?

Check your email (spam folder aswell)! The tracking number will be in there.

My package was broken when received, what do I do?

Contact customer service via email (contact@bellurelle.com) ASAP with pictures including delivery date and we will resolve the issue in 3 business days. we appreciate your cooperation. 

I don't want the product anymore, can I get a refund?

Absolutely no refunds as they are hygienic products that cannot be replaced.

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